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Dr. Bob Branch

Award-winning Author and Speaker. Political Pundit. Conservative College Professor



Educational Leadership



Over the past 21 years, Dr. Branch has been teaching postsecondary education up to, and including, the doctoral level. Dr. Branch teaches leadership, management, business, and information system technology (engineering, cyber warfare, cyberlaw, and systems engineering) courses, and is recognized as a pioneer in online post-secondary education.


During those 21 years, Dr. Branch held the positions of Dean of Education, Dean of Technology, Campus Director, Chairman of the School of Business and Technology Management, and the Lead Faculty Content Chairman for the Doctoral of Management in Information System Technology Program.  


Dr. Branch is an award-winning author and keynote speaker, and a well-published author in peer reviewed journals. As an expert in curriculum design, Dr. Branch has designed more than 55 courses, two MBA programs, and two Doctoral programs.


"The Educator of Educators"

Dr. Branch is “The Educator of Educators,” teaching leadership and management skills to the doctoral level to those who want to become academic administrators and teachers. Dr. Branch teaches the leadership skills, styles and best practices needed to run large organizations and school systems, and in his 21 years teaching in education, Dr. Branch has taught many of our school superintendents and thousands of our teachers.


Dr. Branch taught at the #1 and #2 Christian Universities in the World (Grand Canyon University and Liberty University).

Dr. Branch not only earned an undergraduate degree, but he has also designed undergraduate programs.

Dr. Branch not only earned a graduate degree, but he has designed graduate programs; and

Dr. Branch not only earned a doctoral degree, but has designed doctoral programs.





Dr. Branch started in the “top secret” career field of cryptographics where he repaired and maintained cryptographic computers for the United States Air Force. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, Dr. Branch went to work in the “semiconductor” industry. Designing memory chips, then into sales and marketing, Dr. Branch rose through the ranks quickly; from corporate management, to corporate leadership, and eventually to corporate ownership with his own database development firm.

In 2001, Dr. Branch was asked to teach his knowledge at a local university. After his first night of lecturing, Dr. Branch fell in love with teaching.             

Dr. Branch is well-published in technology, designing technology classes to the doctoral level, teaching STEM courses at university (including cyber warfare classes), and is currently the “Lead Faculty Content Chairman” for the largest doctoral program in Information System Technology in the world. 


Dr. Branch holds the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering

Ph.D. Organization and Management with specialization in Information Systems





Dr. Bob Branch is unique.  How unique? He is a “Christian Conservative College Professor.” Let that sink in for just one minute, a “Christian Conservative College Professor.”

That uniqueness has made Dr. Branch a very popular radio co-host and guest, heard in over 23 different countries, speaking on the topics of local, national, and world-wide politics; and everything to do with education!




Dr. Branch, in 2018, Dr. Branch ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Great State of Arizona as the Trump Candidate.  The Superintendent of Public Instruction position is the highest executive position in education for the State of Arizona. Running his campaign to “Make Education Great Again,” Dr. Branch lost his primary to a three term US Congressman (Never-Trumper) by only 249 votes, out of nearly 600,000 votes.


Giving Back to

the People of



The Commissioner

of Park and

Recreation for

Maricopa County


Dr. Branch believes in giving back to the community, so he serves as the Commissioner of Park and Recreation for Maricopa County. This is a political appointment by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. In his role as Park’s Commissioner, he advises the County Board of Supervisors on how to manage nearly 200,000 acres of county parkland. Maricopa County is the 4th largest county in the United States (larger than the state of New Jersey), and the park system is ranked the #1 regional park system in the United States. Dr. Branch is currently serving in his 6th term, and back in 2020, Dr. Branch was the Chairman of the Board for Parks, and Dr. Branch did not shut down the Parks for a single day during the COVID pandemic.

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